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Personal information

When registering at EliteBengals you will be prompted to provide certain information, such as e-mail address, date of birth, etc. It is very important to provide a password that has not been used previously and we encourage you to constantly change to maintain the confidentiality of the information you provide.The e-mail address you provide when registering at for a EliteBengals account will never be displayed or available to other users. We invite all users to create a unique email account with any mail provider such as hotmail, gmail etc . The security is furthermore guaranteed by selecting a serious and secure service provider to manage our website.

Please notice that We are not responsible for any damage or loss caused by non-compliance with our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

EliteBengals is by no means involved in activities that regards the purchase, or further use of unauthorized use of your personal information. By providing personal information and using our services, you agree to our terms of use as set forth in this text and in the terms and regulation found on this website.

All processing of personal information complies with the provisions of applicable data security, legislation and regulation. You are entitled to information we store about you and request that incorrect information gets corrected. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your personal information.

Contact through e – mail

EliteBengals reserves the right to use the e-mail account you gave your consent to upon registration. The e – mail will be used to answer questions you sent, the provision of information to you as a user, the account creation confirmation and other referrals in relation to your account. EliteBengals has nothing to do with spam.  E-mail marketing of EliteBengals can be sent to all members. You can easily quit this extras by clicking the corresponding button on your profile or by following the link at the bottom of each e-mail that will be sent to you.


When paying on EliteBengals, you are assured that other webpages will NOT access your account number or credit card number etc. EliteBengals does not store sensitive payment information and uses a safe transaction method for online payments.


To sign in to EliteBengals, you must have enabled the cookies feature in your private browser. “Cookies” are used to identify our services for your computer so they can understand each other. If you encounter problems with “Cookies,” you will be asked to reduce your security on your computer.

Terms and conditions

To use our site and services, you need to accept our terms of use. These terms and conditions contain all aspects that regulate the understanding between us as a supplier and you as a user. You can find the terms under terms and conditions.

How it works

Register your e-mail adress and create a profile by providing information about yourself. To make sure you become 100% anonymous, it is not allowed to provide personal information such as address, phone number and other sensitive data.

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Save your favorite members and show your interest by taking the first step in communicating with them through the private messages function.

Private messages

You can easily send a private message by the “messages” icon to all members profiles, you will get instantly connected.