Refund policy

Your payments

The Refund Policy applies to every payment sent to the EliteBengals website.


You accept this Refund Policy by signing up and becoming a member on EliteBengals, and accessing or using our site, content, service, offered on the website.

We may alter the Refund Policy at any time. The revised version will be effective as of the published effective date. If the revised version includes an essential change, we will notify you through e – mail. You will be considered as having consented to all amendments to the Refund Policy after reading the changes.

By using EliteBengals, you accept that the local laws do not alter or affect our Refund Policy.


EliteBengals services is not free, such as searching for and communicating with other members, which are considered the main features of dating platforms. You are not forced to buy anything from us.

You accept that changes in the prices or the features do not entitle you for a refund.


This Refund Policy refers to only one type of membership and subscription. There are no certain levels for memberships.

No refunds for subscriptions

We provide our members with certain features thus important to understand our Refund Policy.

EliteBengals is a dating platform, we ask you to pay before you may use any of our services.

We want to keep the subscription levels easy and the prices decent for upcoming members. You can terminate your membership whenever without reason, valid from the first payment period. After a completed transaction the policy for a subscription is no refund, ever, in any case.

For more information about monthly subscriptions and renewal of memberships, please read our Terms and Conditions under “2.3 payment”.

Technical issues

We refund your money for payments executed by our mistakes or technical issues of a third party. If you have any technical issues with our site, be sure to use the form on the “contact us” page. We do not refund you money for technical issues other than wrong payments. We do not refund you money for “bugs” (errors in the implementation).

Violations of the Terms of Conditions

We do not refund you when another member violates our Terms & Conditions.

We are not bound to refund you if we cancel your membership, for violating our Terms and Conditions, in our opinion. We have the right to cancel any membership without notice and without refund.


In no case, under no circumstances, are we bound to refund you money after subscription. We do not have to pay for any kind of damage or cost of yours or your relatives or anyone else. Please read our Terms and Conditions about “4. The Users Commitment”.

This applies, without limitation, to exchange ratios, in both ways. We are not obligated to refund you a higher amount than you paid, in the currency you paid by our mistakes or technical issues of third party. We are not obligated to refund you higher amount, measuring in our main currency, than your payment was worth in our currency the time we converted it. Our main currency is Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

By purchasing anything from us on EliteBengals, you agree with everything above, completely